Xima Chronicall

All-purpose custom call reporting, call recording and real-time display software suite that is an invaluable tool for any business.  Chronicall reporting is useful for enhancing customer service by understanding your call activity, scheduling staffing and recording phone calls.

Popular features include:

Historical Reports show you detailed information about each call. You can also run summary reports for a more general view of a department or group, or perhaps you wish to report overtime using one of the many time interval reports. We have separated our reports into filters so you can find the report that best fits your needs quickly. Report filters include:

  • Agent / Extension Reports
  • Group Reports
  • External Number / Caller ID Reports
  • Call Direction
  • Call Costing
  • Time Interval
  • Trunk

Realtime allows you to effectively manage your agents and staff in real time. With Chronicall Realtime you are given three supervisor displays: Agent Timeline, Group Timeline and Real Time Statistics, also known as wallboards. As soon as a call comes in or an agent's status changes, Chronicall incorporates the new data into the wallboards. This module also allows you to track specific feature events like Agent DND/AUX/Realtime time, Group Login and Logout Time, and Idle time. This information is tracked and then recorded to the database which allows you to report historically on the agent’s performance.

Call Recording  allows managers to improve employee performance without changing any business processes. By having this information integrated within Chronicall’s Cradle to Grave reporting feature, you are provided all the information you will need in order to evaluate your employee’s performance.

Dashboards generate helpful pop-up windows for the agent whenever they make or receive calls. These pop-up notifications provide information about the caller like who’s calling, where they are calling from, and allow for tagging of account codes / job codes / disposition codes. This helps management determine more information about the call. Chronicall Dashboard also provides an API to pop third party web-based CRMs.


CASH+ Call Accounting

Efficient telephone cost recovery software for the hospitality industry. You can use CASH+ Call Accounting to cost guests' calls and then immediately post the charges to your Property Management System. If you do not use a PMS, our CASH+ Checkout feature allows you to preview your guests' calls before you check them out.

Features and benefits:

  • 911 Call Alert
  • Wake Up Call Report
  • Night Audit Report
  • Telephone System Data Collection Alerts
  • Built-In Checkout Feature
  • Multi-Rate Departmental Charges


Calero VeraSMART

The Time-Saving Reporting Tool for Busy Telecom / UC Managers. It’s hard to focus on the bigger projects with the constant barrage of telecom reporting questions. Calero VeraSMART Wireline and Wireless Call Accounting software will help you combine, simplify and share landline, cellular and other business data so that you can quickly deal with inquiries about:

  • Employee productivity
  • HR/Legal call documentation
  • Security
  • Communications expenses
  • Chargeback and reimbursement
  • Trunk Optimization


TriVium CallAnalyst

From small businesses to large multi-site enterprises, CallAnalyst is the right solution to meet any call tracking, management and reporting needs.


  • Call Reporting

    Extensive graphical and textual reporting of extension and trunk activity

    Captures various information including date/time, duration, Caller ID, dialed number, account codes, etc.

    Easy-to-use selection criteria for reporting
  • Quality Monitoring / Performance Management

    Analyzes how long it takes to answer phone calls by operator

    Compares time against acceptable target levels for the department or call center
  • Report access

    Web-based access

    Report automation delivered via email, print or FTP
  • CallAlert!

    Set up multiple alerts for various calling patterns (911, long-distance calls, after-hours calls, toll-free calls, etc.)

    Broadcast alerts via email, pager or screen pop
  • Call costing

    Flexible rate plans to precisely cost each call

    Recover costs and generate revenues
  • Automate Bill-Back

    Bill your customers back based on their phone usage (multi-tenant properties, assisted living facilities, etc.)

    Recover costs and generate revenues
  • Traffic Analysis and Capacity Management

    Know your trunk utilization levels based on the call history—helps you optimize your trunks.

    Forecast your trunk needs based on scientific models

    Ensure you are not paying for trunks that are not in use; ensure there are enough trunks to take all your customer calls
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking

    Track advertising and marketing campaigns with DID/DNIS Manager

    Associate advertised DID/DNIS to various campaign names to pull meaningful reports that help decision making easier.


@Comm CommView

CommView is a simple-to-use Call Accounting, Department Call Productivity and Traffic Reporting solution for VoIP and Legacy PBX systems.  Included is a suite of professionally designed, ready-to-run reports.  CommView also provides Call Costing and integration to Hotel PMS systems.