• Integration with most phone systems and VoIP applications

  • Two-way hands-free voice intercom

  • Video option - view from phone, computer or mobile device

  • Unlock door from phone, computer or mobile device

  • RFID card and code based access



  • Control who enters your business

  • Ensure that visitors are able to reach someone who can help

  • Staff accountability

Fanvil i30 Video Door Intercom and RFID System

  • All-in-One: Access Control, Intercom and Broadcasting

  • Access by call, code , indoor switch and RFID card

  • Built-in HD camera and with backlight compensation function

  • Built-in 3W speaker and AEC,

  • Support high quality hand-free communication

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Algo 8036 Multi Media Security Intercom

The Also 8036 functions like a virtual doorman, receptionist, or concierge. It’s a powerful multimedia doorphone enabling both speech and video communication to an IP phone, mobile client, or softphone. The brilliant graphic touch display presents information and user navigation options unique to your business. Using icons and buttons, scroll directories, keypads, and custom images, you can ensure a welcoming experience for your visitors. Like a receptionist, the 8036 can ask qualifying questions, provide information, contact employees, and unlock doors. Automatically, interactively, or at the discretion of remote staff.

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Algo 8039 Video Intercom

The Algo 8039 enhances visitor communication and security by providing the ability to answer the door using a standard telephone, softphone client or smartphone. Integration with the phone system extends the reach of the intercom to anybody within the organization that has a communication device, even if not video-enabled.

A fish-eye camera lens and de-warp algorithm allows visibility directly beneath the intercom as well as 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right. An intuitive web interface also provides the capability to "see" what the intercom "sees" at any time for added security.

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