Discover a wide range of communications tools to help your retail business thrive.  We will custom tailor a solution that meets your needs, controls costs and opens new doors for growth and success.

Solutions include:

Telephones and Mobility

A variety of telephones is available for in-store use, including basic desk/wall telephones, wireless telephones and mobile apps.  Based on your needs and what will work most efficiently for your business, we will recommend telephones that will help you save time and provide the best service to your customers.  

Call Management and Marketing

Smartly handle each call using a custom Cloud Voice over IP phone system.  Callers can be greeted with a quick marketing message and routine information such as store hours.  If a caller requires personal assistance, their call will hold for a store associate who can speak with them at the first opportunity.  This unique solution allows staff to finish assisting in-store customers, giving them undivided attention, while the caller hears music and promotional information until their call can be answered.

High Speed Internet

We offer low-cost options for High Speed Internet, optimized for Point of Sale (POS) applications and designed to share with in-store guest WiFi.

Failover Wireless Internet

In the event of an Internet outage, a wireless backup provides seamless business continuity by allowing credit card transactions to process, POS systems to connect and phones to keep ringing.


A robust in-store WiFi solution will support POS applications, hand-held devices and VoIP phones, enabling staff to be effective anywhere they are.

Customer WiFi

Provide a unique WiFi code for customer use, which securely regulates access and segregates non-staff users away from POS networks for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  Grow your social media and mail lists by requesting customers to log onto WiFi through Facebook or by sharing their email address.