Improve Patient Outcomes

Help your care team members communicate seamlessly so they’re more accessible—to each other and to patients. Be ready anytime, anywhere to collaborate about care, provide patient support, and respond to emergencies.

  • Integrate communications into workflows

  • Keep electronic health records up to date

  • Proactively check in with patients



Create a Better Patient Experience

First, give patients many ways to connect with you—support multiple inbound and outbound communication channels. Then, streamline behind-the-scenes systems that keep up with data and information.

  • Go digital for scheduling, referrals, and transfers

  • Automatically send patient reminders

  • Improve revenue cycle inquiries

Personalize & Coordinate Care Plans

Give patients in any location the most appropriate, convenient, and cost-effective care by using telehealth video and proactive outreach.

  • Provide remote access to specialists and care teams

  • Monitor preventative, chronic, home, and end-of-life care plans

  • Reduce no shows and leakage



Take Great Care of Your Care Teams

Replace outdated, manual processes with streamlined, automated workflows that leverage automated communications tools. You’ll free care team members to focus more on delivering care—and less on delays and rework.

  • Introduce click-to-find for team members

  • Ensure that communications are closed loop

  • Include each care team's entire circle of contacts