As a Healthcare provider, you will benefit from our vast offering of technology and services designed for your unique environment.  Our experience allows us to custom tailor a solution to meet your needs, automate processes and allow you to provide attentive care to your patients.

Solutions and applications include:

Automated Messaging Service
AMS reduces patients no shows and saves your administrative staff time by automatically placing reminder phone calls to your scheduled patients.  They are informed of their upcoming appointment and asked to simply confirm by pressing a touch-tone key on their phone.

Medical Assistant Telephone Station
Many clinics and hospitals have several Medical Assistants, MAs, sharing a single telephone.  Usually it's preferred for each MA to have their own unique extension number and voice mail box.  System configurations allow for appearances of multiple extension numbers and voice mail indicators to exist on a single telephone station.

Wireless Handsets
Medical staff can freely move about the clinic, hospital or campus and still stay in touch with each other using IP Wireless Telephony.  Antennas deployed throughout a medical facility provide seamless wireless coverage, allowing a medical worker to roam around and be able to place calls, take calls, answer overhead pages and access messages.